Pond aerator AirFlow

Pond aerator AirFlow : AirFlow propeller pump combines the power of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in the water

Movement of water with injected air in the form of microbubbles stimulates the biodegradation of organic substances in the water. The most important part is a kind of ship’s propeller spinning. The rotating motion is the water brought into flow. Above the “screw” is a suction hose that draws air from the surface and mixes it with the resulting flow.The capacity of the “Air Flow” is a maximum of 150 m3 per hour. The aerator primarily increases the oxygen content (O2) in the water. Oxygen is approximately 20% in normal air. So when air is blown into the water, the dissolved oxygen content increases. Fish use the dissolved oxygen for their breathing. The water flows along the gills and thereby the dissolved oxygen is absorbed into the blood.



AirFlow 37 F    Floating setup

AirFlow 37 S    Fixed position

AirFlow 75 F    Floating setup

AirFlow 75 S    Fixed position

AirFlow 110 F    Floating setup

AirFlow 110 S    Fixed position

  • Floating or fixed arrangement
  • Movement and aeration of water
  • Built-in venturi system for oxygen suction
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adjustable flow angle
  • Bronze engine housing
  • Combines the power of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in the water
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