A dream pond in a municipal park: from complaints to a spectacular result

Hoensbroek (The Netherlands)

Hoensbroek, a township of the municipality of Heerlen, has various beautiful public parks, which include two marvellous ponds.

Managing the water quality of these ponds is a responsibility of the municipality. They faced the recurring problems of algae infestations and increasing oxygen deficiency as a result.

The causes can be led back to the shallow water and limited circulation, causing temperatures to increase quickly. From that point on, problems soon arise: fish kill, odour nuisance and a water structure that’s no longer pleasurable to look at.

On multiple occasions, municipal staff members had to travel to the ponds with tractor powered emergency pumps to get the water flowing. A labour intensive job with recurring annual expenses that only delivered temporary results.

From complaints…

This municipality consulted AUGA about their water problems. As we have solved similar problems for other municipalities, we knew exactly what to do.

Our changing climate, with long warm periods without rain or large downpours are important causes for reduced water quality, while insufficient maintenance of city ponds, canals and recreational lakes can also be part of the problem.

…. To a spectacular result

AUGA designs and manufactures propeller pumps in both floating and fixed versions. They act as aerators and mixers at the same time, to move and aerate large quantities of water while using only little energy to do so. This is a crucial aspect for improving water quality, biological degradation of organic substances within the water and improving oxygen management.

The permanently installed equipment starts working early in the year to maintain the balance in the water quality. It therefore isn’t necessary to have them operate 365 days a year, saving additional expenses on energy consumption in an already sustainable solution.

It’s not all that complicated

AUGA created a project plan together with the municipality and delivered the corresponding installations, which perfectly fit the two municipal ponds.

One of the two ponds was also equipped with a large fountain, which forms an impressive and harmonious scenery with the castle located behind it. At night, the fountain is beautifully illuminated with the energy-efficient LED underwater lighting developed and delivered by AUGA.

The propeller pumps are periodically switched on and thus maintain the quality of the water in these city ponds. The problems that were experienced for years are now a thing of the past, while maintenance costs were reduced to a minimum.

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