AUGA introduces its most energy-efficient pond pumps

12 Oct 2020

Water never stands still and neither does AUGA. We are happy to tell you about our latest adjustable pond pumps, which are equipped with the most modern engines, with a power consumption of up to 35% lower! You wonder: is that possible? Sure, take the VarioFlow E 30; not only has the performance of the pump improved, the max. power consumption has been drastically reduced to just 295 watts. From 0 to 100% infinitely adjustable in capacity and power consumption with the supplied VarioFlow Controller. How economical do you want it? Under water, out of water, it doesn’t matter; all models are multifunctional, as long as there is sufficient water supply to the pump.

With the touch buttons on our VarioFlow Control you can continuously set the desired capacity of the pond pump from 0 to 100%. The electronics are TüV certified, so we offer you extra security for trouble-free operation.

AUGA is the first to introduce controllable pond pumps with one stunning new design. The VarioFlow E IN-LINE pumps can easily be placed between a straight pipe in any position you wish, as long as the pump has water supply. Because the design is new within the pond industry, EU design protection has been granted.

No need for adjustable pumps, but economical ones? No problem, the entire series is also available without a controller, with the same economical engines.

AUGA’s most energy-efficient pond pumps will be available from February 2021 through our specialist sales outlets.


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