Industrial pumps for a large swimming pond project

1 Nov 2019

Sometimes a pond project is so large that the use of conventional pond pumps is no longer sufficient.

This was the case with a large public swimming pond project, with long discharge pipes. AUGA was commissioned to supply 2 pumps for this purpose, with a capacity of 40 m3 per hour at a working pressure of 5.5 m per pump.

IN-LINE pumps; space-saving

AUGA selected so-called “IN-LINE” dry installed industrial pumps; the suction and discharge connections are in line with the suction and discharge pipes, very easy to install and space-saving.

The pumps are equipped with whisper-quiet motors with a maximum speed of 1450 rpm and a motor power of only 1.1 kW.

The frequency converters are built by AUGA itself on the pumps, speed and power consumption are adjusted to match the desired capacity to the season, operation is done manually via the supplied controllers.

Contrary to expectations, the purchase price is very favorable, because it concerns series products that are produced in large numbers for industrial applications.

AUGA is a specialist in pump technology

We use pump technology from the industry for solutions within our work area, because we always strive for the most efficient application for each project.

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