Take measures for your pond in case of frost!

26 Oct 2020

Leaving pumps and filters in continuous operation protects them against freezing, however, in case of persistent frost, measures must be taken to prevent frost damage.

In general, equipment can be switched off and stored frost-free.

• Pumps can best be stored frost-free in a bucket of water to prevent the rubber seals from drying out. First clean the pump with natural vinegar to remove limescale.
• Clean UV-C devices, clean quartz glass with a soft cloth and natural vinegar.
• If necessary, replace the UV-C lamp yourself if it has worked for a season (approx. 9000 burning hours).

Devices built in a technical well can withstand frost for longer. However, it is still important to take measures in case of more severe frost. In some cases pond heating is used (koi ponds).

If possible, disconnect pond hoses and dispose of water, keep frost-free.

Draining water from plastic pipes, anything close to the surface or freezing above it, leaving taps half open.

For specific ponds, such as koi ponds, extra care is required, it is best to individually discuss which measures are needed.

An air pump with air stones provides extra oxygen in the pond, harmful gases are removed and keeps an open space in the pond if the surface becomes frozen.

Chopping a hole can be deadly to fish due to the vibrations it causes.

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