Power cable pond lighting

Legally, power cables for pond or underwater lighting may only be connected to safe low voltage, 12 or 24 Volt

It is very important to use the correct cable diameter when installing lighting, in order to prevent voltage loss – resulting in a decrease in brightness or damage to the lamp. If the flow resistance is too high, it can also cause overheating, which means that the risk of fire cannot even be ruled out. The tables state the maximum cable length to be used in combination with the power consumption in Watt of the chosen lighting and the cable diameter to be selected. Maintain a 10% margin for possible extra losses in junction boxes, etc.

  • Power cable for lighting, pumps, transformers
  • Buried cable only permitted for low voltage (12 - 24 V)
  • Voltage cables for 12 - 24, 230 or 400V
  • Suitable for use in wet conditions
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