AquaFlow-E pond pump

AquaFlow® E pond pumps with PM motor technology, without frequency control

The Aquaflow® E pond pumps correspond to the technology of the VarioFlow® E pond pumps, but without frequency control. There are situations where it is not necessary to regulate the capacity, but where the efficient motor technology naturally offers great advantages.

AquaFlow® E pond pumps are multifunctional, for filter systems, waterfalls, watercourses and water games. The pumps are equipped with highly efficient PM motor technology. The Permanent Magnet Motor (PM) has been used for many years in industrial pump technology, where pumps are in continuous operation and energy costs play a major role. The technology of the AquaFlow-E pumps is derived from this, the 6-pole high-efficiency motor provides an excellent capacity / pressure ratio against a particularly low power consumption.

In addition to the capacity (l / h), the head (m) that a pump can deliver is a very important aspect, the head largely determines the energy consumption of a pump. It is therefore important that the correct pump is selected and that a comparison with other pumps solely on the basis of the capacity in liters is not objective.

Other information:

AquaFlow® E pump with basket for wet installation

AquaFlow® E pump without basket for dry installation


AquaFlow® E-5000      (4,800 liters)

AquaFlow® E-10000     (9,800 liters)

AquaFlow® E-15000     (14,900 liters)

AquaFlow® E-20000    (20,000 liters)

  • High efficiency PM motor
  • 6 pole high torque motor
  • Dry and wet installation with continuously rotatable motor / pressure connection
  • Open impeller for transporting dirt particles up to Ø 8 mm
  • Built-in micro-processor monitors engine management
  • Filter systems
  • Waterfalls
  • Watercourses
  • Water artworks
  • Circulation systems