V-Flow Economic Fountain Aerators

Fountain Aerators V-Flow Economic

with an attractive fountain pattern, in many cases an effective solution for ponds and moats in residential districts, campsites and anywhere that aeration is needed in standing water.

The motor technology of the V-Flow Economic series is the same as that of the V-Flow series. However, the Economic series has not been fitted with a large protective strainer, the float is simpler and it does not come with a counterweight underneath the pump set. Functionally both series are equal, but naturally the price of the Economic is more favourable

Lighting is optional


V-Flow 75 F Economic  Floating model

V-Flow 110 F Economic  Floating model

  • Small protective cage
  • Inc. anchoring eyelets
  • Plastic float
  • Motor cable can be supplied in the required length
  • Oxygenation
  • Aeration
  • Decorative fountain
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