A clear pond: who doesn’t want that?

Velp (The Netherlands)

Cyrstal clear ponds

A crystal clear pond, everyone who owns a pond definitely wants to have that. A natural purification balance that only relies on water plants is often preferred, but cannot always manage entirely by itself. A bit of technological support is often the solution.

Always enjoy a crystal clear pond

This beautifully decorated pond is created together with landscaper expert Harry Esselink in Holland. The water in this pond is biologically filtered, meaning that a small part of the pond is used as a helophyte filter, complex terminology for natural filtration with water plants and substrate.

The helophyte filter is rather small in comparison to the rest of the pond. This is why the decision was made to add technical support with an AUGA filter pit, which is installed in the garden without being noticeable.

How does it work?

To continuously circulate the pond water through the helophyte filter, a circulation pump is installed in the filter pit. A second pump powers the watercourse in the wall. This second pump is not always switched on, the filter pump is, which maintains a constant process of biological filtration.

Don’t let your pond turn into a pea soup

It’s a common sight: floating green algae that grow extremely fast on hot summer days, turning your crystal clear water into what looks like a pea soup. Although this doesn’t necessarily form a threat for the quality of the water, it’s not a pretty sight to look at either. To prevent this from happening, a UV-c device was installed in the filter pit, which destroys the algae. The result? Beautiful and crystal clear water, even during the peak of summer.

Plug and play technology with an all-in warranty on the entire system

Building your own pond becomes much easier with the fully premanufactured filter pits made by AUGA. All you have to do is connect power and pipes.

The all-in warranty on the entire system is yet another benefit and reason to choose for the integrated AUGA filter pit.

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