Canals of Sneek feature moving water and colorful lighting


When you say Sneek, you soon think of the Sneekweek. This gigantic water sports event – with 1,000 participating ships and more than 100,000 visitors every year – put the city on the map worldwide. But Sneek has more to offer. Much more. The beautiful historic center is crisscrossed with many canals and the vibrant city center has a wide range of shops and restaurants. In order to offer the many visitors even more, the wish was to create even more atmosphere in the evening. And what better way to do this than to connect the city and the water. That’s where we came in!

The question:

The Vereniging Ondernemend Sneek (VOS) wanted to involve the city canals more in the inner city by using moving water and colorful lighting. An assignment made for us. The package of wishes was clear: eight floating, compactly built fountains with sustainable lighting, which can be set as desired and which also take into account the budget. So get started!

The solution:

There is more to using fountains in a canal than you might think. The water is often not always clean. We therefore used V-Flow aeration fountains for this project. They are not very sensitive to dirt, provide a voluminous fountain image and provide extra aeration of the canal water.

By using LED RGBW lighting, we provide a sustainable and sparkling solution to put the fountains in the most beautiful light. To emphasize the nostalgic atmosphere of the city center, some fountains have been designed with the classic fountain sculpture “Fleur de Lis”, together with several other fountains with constantly changing colors.

The result?

A beautiful and breathtaking upgrade of the city center and the canals, in which Sneek and its characteristic water come together again.

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