A dynamic and sustainable fountain for a municipal park

Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)

The ‘Berg & Bos’ municipal park is administered by the Dutch municipality of Apeldoorn and was created in 1934. Under the surface of this park, a water pipeline dating from the 19th century feeds the fountains and water structures of nearby Royal Palace ‘Het Loo’.

The floating fountain infrastructure in this park pond had been operational for many years and consumed 50 kW per hour. It also had to be hoisted up from the park pond each year and be transported to a workshop for annual maintenance. In short, the time had come to replace it.

What now? A dynamic and sustainable fountain!

The municipality of Apeldoorn set out to find an appropriate alternative and chose us at AUGA to realise it. Their requirements? Minimal energy consumption, proper maintenance and an eye-catching fountain. A perfect challenge for our team!

Reducing energy consumption from 50 to 15 kWh and a stunning fountain

By using sustainable submersible pumps, minimising the loss of pressure within the fountain system and using fountain nozzles with a minimum of water consumption, we managed to attain a 70% reduction in energy consumption: from an hourly 50 kWh to just 15 kWh. This includes all energy-efficient LED illumination, ensuring a great efficiency gain compared to the old situation.

The massive 15 metre high centre jet and the two fountain rings with side angle jets, create a voluminous and harmonious appearance of the fountain. With this equipment, three different fountain shapes are created. We used three pumps to accomplish this, which are configured with user-friendly settings and can be modified at will.

This new fountain is a perfect fit for this nostalgic public park against a royal backdrop.

How to create a floating fountain

With dimensions of 3×3 metres and a height of less than 1 metre, this floating fountain set can be easily integrated in virtually every water structure. The entire structure is easily erected as a construction kit and therefore easy to both transport and assemble.

The large strainer baskets ensure brief cleaning intervals and are easy to dismount as they use a clamping system. This saves considerable maintenance time, which can be performed onsite, rather than having to transport the entire system to an external location. Quite an improvement compared to the previous situation!

After being operational for over 3 years, both the municipality and the many visitors of this public park are completely satisfied with our solution, that met all project objectives.

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