PANTROPICA, formerly Jungle Park De Orchideeën Hoeve: fairy-like spectacle even in winter

Emmeloord (Luttelgeest)

PANTROPICA, formerly Jungle Park De Orchideeën Hoeve, Emmeloord (Luttelgeest)

What began in 1919 as a local flower nursery has now grown into an internationally renowned adventure park with tropical plants and animals ánd has been named enterprise of the year 2023!

Orchids still occupy a prominent place, but there is much more to admire and experience such as the Amazon rainforest, the butterfly valley, the floating flower garden; rightly a JUNGLE …1001 AVONTURES.

During the December month, the park is transformed annually into “Winter Dream,” attracting visitors from all over Europe. The theme park’s gardens and water features are brilliantly illuminated with miles of Christmas lights and decorations.

Years ago, simple fountains were added to the water features to further enhance the park’s atmosphere with moving water.

Timo van Ruiten is the technical man in charge of keeping the technology in the park under control and tells us how it all started with the fountains.

“We started with simple submersible pumps in a laundry basket, which acted as a filter. We soon found out that this was not the best solution, high maintenance and after a season the pumps failed. ”

Through house supplier Wildkamp, Timo came into contact with pumps from AUGA and discovered that this was the quality the park was looking for.

When more pumps needed to be replaced, they found that an appropriate time to work with partner Wildkamp and AUGA on a new fountain project, with larger pumps and taller fountains, equipped with RGBW-DMX controlled LED lighting.

The fountain plan drawn up in conjunction with AUGA consists of single-jet fountains, foam fountains and multi-jet fountains. All systems were customized for the park and delivered within 4 weeks of order, which is possible because the required components are mass produced and in stock at AUGA. Delivered quickly and kept the cost within budget.





There was plenty of time for Timo to install the systems and tune the light to the magical December spectacle “Winterdroom”, which again attracted thousands of visitors to Luttelgeest in the Noordoostpolder.


AUGA Wildkamp Emmeloord Orchiedeeën Hoeve (17)AUGA Wildkamp Emmeloord Orchiedeeën Hoeve (13)

After placement, we received an enthusiastic App message from Timo: “The fountains are really a beautiful addition to our gardens!”

The Winter Dream Spectacle ’23 is now over, but can be admired every year around Christmas in Luttelgeest.

See how the client worked with the Wildkamp and AUGA to tackle this project in the video impression below:

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