Significantly improved water quality for AquaZoo residents

Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

Movement and extra aeration in the ponds

AquaZoo was looking for technology that would further improve the quality of the water. In short, they were looking for an improved water flow and aeration in their ponds.

There are several water features in the park, each requiring a different approach. That is why we have selected a suitable installation for each water feature.

The seal pond is being equipped with an AUGA MegaFlow Combi installation: a floating aggregate consisting of a mixer and an aerator. The mixer ensures a proper water flow over long distances, while the aerator is positioned under the mixer to add large quantities of oxygen to the volume stream.

With a total energy consumption of only 2.6 kW, a work zone of over 90 metres is accomplished.

With the compact installations delivered by AUGA, problems such as algae and odour nuisance are permanently solved. Not only the AquaZoo animals are very happy with this, but the entire underwater world is helped!

AUGA: the expert in improving the water quality of public water

Stagnant and often shallow water can be a cause for nuisance if temperatures rise. A lack of oxygen, algae infestations or odour nuisance are increasingly present problems in cities, parks and at campsites and other recreational terrains.

AUGA designs and constructs propeller pumps in floating and fixed versions. These are both aerators and mixers in a single device, that use little energy to enable a proper flow and aeration of large water volumes. The propeller pumps are crucial for improving the water quality: it improves the biological degradation of organic substances within the water and recovers the oxygen management.

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