The relation between fire and an aerating fountain

Gorinchem (The Netherlands)

Retention pond

An increasing amount of business parks and large buildings are required to have a fire water pond or retention pond available. These ponds operate as a water buffer for either fire brigades to ensure the availability of sufficient water if there is a fire, or are filled with rain water discharged from the roofs of the buildings. To prevent overburdening during heavy rainfall, the ponds slowly discharge water into the regional sewerage system.

During summer, the stagnant water in the retention pond is heated by the sun, resulting in algae and odour nuisance. Especially for public buildings and businesses, this is of course an undesirable situation. So, it’s time for action!

A fountain that looks beautiful, improves water quality and prevents freezing

How to ensure that these ponds remain clean without using water plants or other natural filtration? The solution is simple: an AUGA aerating fountain. This enables the aeration of large volumes of water while using only little energy. In addition, the aerating fountain is beautiful to look at, combining a requirement with pleasure. It’s all accomplished with just a single system.

The fire brigade always needs water, also during winter

During calamities, the fire brigade must have instant access to water from the fire pond, also when it’s freezing. That is of course impossible if the entire pond is frozen. As our aerating fountains move large water volumes, the water continues to flow and never freezes over. Furthermore, the highly reliable pumps are suitable for continuous usage.

Event Hall Gorinchem

One great example of a retention pond is found in front of the entrance of the Gorinchem Event Hall.

To ensure a continuous water flow and improve the presentation of the pond, two V-Flow 110 F fountain aerators were installed. These are equipped with a beautiful chalice fountain with a 6 metre diameter. The height of this fountain was kept low on purpose, to prevent it from spraying over passing visitors during strong winds.

A third AUGA mixer pump Flow 75 S is used to keep the water flowing, especially during winter. This prevents it from freezing, thus meeting the requirement of the fire brigade.

The large water surface looks excellent, is flowing 24/7 and can never freeze. This was all accomplished with a total energy consumption of just 3 kW.

In the evening, the fountains are also beautifully illuminated in every possible colour, thanks to the AUGA RGB LED underwater spotlights.

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