A pure and magical fountain experience in wellness resort Berendonck

Wijchen (The Netherlands)

Fountain solution for a wellness resort

“Experience the friendliness and soft approach from Asia. Experience the magical colours and sounds of India. Feel mellow and let your dreams take over in this world of One Thousand and One Nights.
Find yourself in a beautiful palace, surrounded by luxury, rest and relaxation at the enchanting Berendonck Wellness Resort. A magical wellness experience with an oriental sense of happiness and a great life”.

This text from the Wellness Berendonck website (Wijchen, The Netherlands) perfectly expresses the ambiance of this resort, so beautifully captured on the photo. The park opened in May 2019 and is part of Quality-Wellness Resorts, which also includes thermal spas in three other Dutch cities.

AUGA was asked to deliver and install the fountain, which creates a seamless and beautiful transition from the indoor atmosphere to the outdoor facilities.

Impressive fountain for a beautiful facility

This fountain truly is an impressive design with massive water volumes, expressing elegance and making the water come to life. It’s a perfect mix of rich foam jets and crystal clear water jets at four different levels, together forming a majestic fountain that can be spotted from a great distance.

The fountain configuration applied here is perfectly suited for public locations such as parks, squares and high-end projects such as this wellness resort.

The only modest aspect? Energy consumption!

The entire installation consists of a high centre jet surrounded by two inward pointing fountain rings with 98 full jet nozzles and 4 outer foam jets. This creates a stunning fountain shape, that uses only 10 kW of pump capacity!

Water & Light

A beautiful nightscape is part of this solution too, as illumination is provided by 26 SmartLed® underwater spotlights. Colours can be varied between white, warm white and RGB colours. The lighting configuration is managed by a set program or DMX programming, changing water and light into a dynamic spectacle that follows a musical rhythm

A quick and cost-efficient tailored solution

This fixed fountain is delivered in various components and fully tailored to the water volume in the basin. The majority of components used are series components, limiting the total project cost. It also made it easy to assemble the configuration on-site, another factor contributing to a cost reduction for our customer.

Included in the delivery is a control panel for both the pumps and illumination, water level verification and wind force verification that can either switch the fountain off, or change its height, depending on the wind force.




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