The magic of a splash pool

Imagine a beautiful recreational lake surrounded by lush greenery and filled with crystal clear water. It looks like a natural oasis, but behind the scenes is a sophisticated system that ensures that this water is always clean and safe to swim in. That is the magic of the “splash pool”.

A paradise for youth

The splash pool is not just a place for swimming; it is a true play paradise for youth, especially in the summer. Here you will find numerous natural play attributes that challenge and entertain children and young people.

What sets the splash pool apart from ordinary recreational lakes is the use of an EPDM seal. This seal ensures that the water level in the pond does not depend on the groundwater level. This means that regardless of conditions, the pond can always be refilled and maintained at the desired level. It is also not susceptible to fluctuations in groundwater quality, keeping water quality consistently high.

What makes the splash pond even more special is the use of natural water treatment. A large helhophyte filter, consisting of bacteria and plants, naturally purifies the water. This means that harmful substances and microorganisms are removed before the water is returned to the pond. The result is crystal clear water that is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Although natural purification plays a crucial role, the system is supported by mechanical filters. A sieve filter and skimmers ensure that floating debris such as leaves and branches is removed as much as possible before it can sink to the bottom. This prevents accumulation of debris and helps maintain water quality.

To further ensure the quality of the water, UV-C technology is applied. This system ensures that all passing water is disinfected.

The Plonsplas is a sustainable and beautiful swimming pond where humans and nature come together in harmony. It is the ideal place for a unique swimming experience with a stable water level and high-quality water.

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